maia zinc store front


the maia zinc project room exhibits works of contemporary art – visual, conceptual and performance.
western culture is currently experiencing a phenomenal, spiritual and sociological shift. a multi-faceted synthesis in varying degrees – of faiths, adapted to, and influenced by, western materialistic culture where it sometimes re-forms as a secular art object.
in a clear and bright atmosphere, we create space and reflection on new ideas, focusing on the aesthetics of silence; a spirit experienced through meditation. unfolded and hidden crusted layers might appear to the surface.

meditation and yoga classes combined with art. ideas received during meditation while reaching the glimpse of intuition are a part of this new project room.

time is relevant

the project room is located in a still authentic quarter – the “schöneberger kiez “(former american sector) in one of the typical berliner buildings, next to the once famous artists’ goltzstraße at nollendorfplatz.
a team of different generations and cultures are waiting to offer you
displayed works by contemporary artists from berlin and beyond.

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