Agion Panton – holy glam from 08.04.2017 until 05.05.2017

from 08.04.2017 until 05.05.2017 at 7pm 

we hosted the glamorous shrine boxes of Thodoros Brouskomatis. 
instead of asking uncomfortable questions like art would do, Brouskomatis carries us away into the affirmative world of kitsch.  
for the artist, Thodoros Brouskomatis, kitsch is simply “just another aesthetic style with good and bad representatives. it’s an art without borders, limits or prohibitions. It works without guilt and its epitome of unbridled emotion.”

his carefully constructed, playfully kitsch diorama boxes are reminiscent of the colorful photographs by Pierre et Gille. Like the French artist duo, Brouskomatis takes also his references for his boxes from popular culture, history, religion, and gay culture.
His overarching title for the project is <> which means ‘soul coffin’ in latin. in this way, each one of his tiny boxes becomes a small reliquary where deceased pop icons are enshrined for modern day worship.
Thodoros Brouskomatis was born in 1963 in athens, where he still lives and works today. he studied architecture in Thessaloniki and returned to athens  to work as an architect in the private sector before the financial crisis hit europe in 2008.

friday 5th may 2017 – 7pm


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