Amnon David Ar | opening “Wie lange hält das Licht?” | Vernissage + Cello

amnon David ar wie lange hält das licht maia zinc Berlin 2017

We are looking forward to host the artist Amnon David Ar at the mz projectroom maia zinc.

On September 1st we will see his exhibition “Wie lange hält das Licht” consisting of works that bring out some of the atmosphere and pulse of his homeland.

Working solely from observation, in an almost meditative way, the results engage the viewer in the sensual experience that the painter is so enthusiastic about.

His subject matters are the most mundane capitalistic representations, portrayed in a personal humane way.

Through the process of his work and through its encryptions, the paintings aim at evoking the viewer’s senses and emotions. His meticulous analysis of light echoes the great masters’ handling of the subject.

The patience and the profoundness that is being spent on every piece stands opposite today’s rhythm, and thus invites the observer to immerse with the artworks again and again.

the opening takes place
on 1 september 2017, 19:00h
@ kyffhäuserstr. 16, schöneberg.

a musical interlude by cellist liron yariv will accompany the show.

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