Bernd Wolf’s SEDIMENTE from November 23rd 2017 to January 11th 2018

SEDIMENTE von Bernd WOLF  vom 23. November 2017 bis 11. Januar 2018

Dear art friends,

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Bernd Wolf’s works SEDIMENTE

from November 23rd 2017 to January 11th 2018.

„It is easy to create art but it is difficult to get into a condition to be able to create art.“ (Brancusi)

A thorough study of the culture and philosophy of East Asia, especially those of Japan, as well as existential experiences on long journeys into the world characterize Bernd Wolf’s paintings.

The works shown were created in a single act of painting – “without intention” and with the bare hand.
Without tools or brushes, wet on wet, the colors were applied fluidly and brought into contact with each other, stirred, swirled, ruminated, whipped, blurred and ground.

Everything found its place, its weight. From the single gesture and its diverse repetition emerged the images, piece by piece, ideally by itself.

In search of the self, the image.

Central themes in Bernd Wolfs non-figurative paintings included overcoming duality as well as the development of ‚purposeless painting‘.

When does the spirit enter the matter? Wolf was a representative of the non-figurative painting in the tradition of abstract expressionism.

He took part in exhibitions at the Frankfurt art fair as well as at international art fairs in the US, Japan and Europe.

Bernd Wolf (* 1953 in Hofheim am Taunus, † 2010 in Berlin) studied painting and Theory of arts at the Städelschule in Frankfurt am Main and philosophy at the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University. His works are shown in well known museums and private collections.

The Vernissage takes place
on Thursday, November 23rd 2017, 7pm
at Kyffhäuserstraße 16 in Schöneberg.

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