Featuring Schöneberger Art 2017 in a group exhibition

One weekend of the year – November 4th and 5th, 2017 – Schönebergs Art scene open to the public. The dense program of this weekend with 80 studios/ateliers and 15 galleries can hardly be walked on just two days.

This Schöneberger art walk has become an established institution and is celebrating its 10th anniversary. As a highlight, we as newcomer gallery collect artworks of 50 artist in the name of the Schöneberger Art Institution, in our project room, while established galleries offer their artists on programme.

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From Saturday November the 4th, 2pm until the 5th, 6pm the local art galleries and studios in Berlin Schöneberg invite visitors to art activities and open their locations to an art loving public.

Adequate footwear and warm clothes are required for an arty and cultural November weekend.

On this occasion of the schöneberger art 2017, we also present the group exhibition
SELF PORTRAIT / Selbst-Porträt
by participating artists.

Vernissage Thursday : 2.11.2017 – 7.00 pm

Exhibition from 2.11. – 10.11.2017

Finissage Friday : 10.11.2017 – 7.00 pm

schöneberger art 2017 Heimatbasis maia zinc project room

November 5th, 2017: Finissage Amnon David Ar and Salon Concert

Finissage some way else !

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– open to the public –
Join us for the double event on the occasion of the schöneberger art weekend ! As participant of “artist in residence” (www.schoeneberger-art.de) we are closing with Amnon David Ar the outstandigng exhibition “Wie lange hält das Licht ?” in our studio location at Großgörschenstr. 35 – former Atelier 35.

The finissage will be accompanied by a musical performance of Ori Wissner-Levy (Berliner Philharmoniker). Those visitors who did not meet the artist in person will get an opportunity to meet Amnon the last days in our showrooms while enjoying a salon concert of about 30 minutes.

Ori Wissner-Levy will feature the following sonata:

Sonata for Solo Violin Sz. 117, BB 124
1. Tempo di ciaccona

Partita in D minor for solo violin (BWV 1004)
1. Allemanda
2. Corrente
3. Sarabanda
4. Giga
5. Ciaccona

Visitors are invited to share this unique opportunity to talk to a master of figurative painting about subject, light and content.
His subject matters are the most mundane capitalistic representations, portrayed in a personal humane way.

We are looking forward meeting you again.

Amnon David Ar - Awful taste, Oil on panel, 2016

Sunday, November 5th 4:30pm: Ori Wissner-Levy

Ori Wissner Levy von den Berliner Philharmonikern

A salon concert during the exhibition
“Artist in Residence: Amnon David Ar”
at zinc-art, Großgörschenstraße 35.

On the occasion of the gallery weekend ‘Schöneberger Art’, Ori Wissner-Levy from the Berliner Philharmoniker accompanies the work of Amnon David Ar.

Enjoy the following violin solos:

  • Bartok: Sonata for Solo Violin Sz. 117, BB 124
  • Tempo di ciaccona
  • Bach: Partita in D minor for solo violin (BWV 1004)
  • Allemanda – Corrente – Sarabanda – Giga – Ciaccona

Artist Talk on saturday, october 14th – 12pm


Amnon David Ar – Vernissage impressions on September 1st, 2017

Trailer “Wie lange hält das Licht?”, Amnon David Ar

Amnon David Ar | opening “Wie lange hält das Licht?” | Vernissage + Cello

amnon David ar wie lange hält das licht maia zinc Berlin 2017

We are looking forward to host the artist Amnon David Ar at the mz projectroom maia zinc.

On September 1st we will see his exhibition “Wie lange hält das Licht” consisting of works that bring out some of the atmosphere and pulse of his homeland.

Working solely from observation, in an almost meditative way, the results engage the viewer in the sensual experience that the painter is so enthusiastic about.

His subject matters are the most mundane capitalistic representations, portrayed in a personal humane way.

Through the process of his work and through its encryptions, the paintings aim at evoking the viewer’s senses and emotions. His meticulous analysis of light echoes the great masters’ handling of the subject.

The patience and the profoundness that is being spent on every piece stands opposite today’s rhythm, and thus invites the observer to immerse with the artworks again and again.

the opening takes place
on 1 september 2017, 19:00h
@ kyffhäuserstr. 16, schöneberg.

a musical interlude by cellist liron yariv will accompany the show.

Vulnerability – An Exhibition on the occasion of Berlin pride/CSD week – July 19th until July 26th 2017

Jaap de Jonge vulnerability Exhibition Maia zinc Berlin July 2017

Jaap De Jonge (1949)

Studied Dutch Language and Literature at the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen (Netherlands). Autodidact photographer. Since 2005, active in the field of art photography. Resides and works in Anloo, a small village in the North of the Netherlands.

In addition to ‘common’ art photography, Jaap’s photo work mainly consists of pictures of men (Dutch Male Art). For centuries, men have often been portrayed as strong and powerful figures. This is the traditional image that generally is in keeping with a heterosexual society. But there is another side: vulnerability. The vulnerable male often provokes emotions that are recognizable, but which we don’t really want to see in ‘real’ men.

With the closure of the exhibition of Stephan Harmanus, we cordially invite you to the finissage on June 24th 2017, 6pm

After an interesting ‘artist talk’ with Dr. Dorothea Heim (art historian) and Stephan Harmanus himself, the works of the artist can be seen until saturday.

We cordially invite you on this evening to meet the artist again for an open discussion.


On Saturday, 24 June from 6 pm

We are looking forward seeing you again!

Finissage Stephan Harmanus am 24. Juni 2017 bei mz project room

From 29th of July on until August 26th: Tahian Bhering – Urban Fragments

tahian bhering, ab dem 29. Juli bei maia zinc in Berlin

tahian bhering, a young visual artist from rio de janeiro is inspired by the whirlwind of fragments we find in urban spaces. the visual world of mass media as well as urban symbols, old washed out poster layers and other visuals from daily urban roaming are the theme of bhering’s art works.

he reassembles information found on the streets of rio de janeiro and berlin in a random or apparent disorder or well-defined (geometric) composition.
the chaos around us, fragments, shards, shredded pieces and pieces of broken realities that enter our subconscious, are thrown back on canvas and contained through an act of castration. the artist cuts off in order to find his artistic language, and a sense to his produce.
is his art recycling or a re-composition of the original in which we get only a slice of the sausage?
bhering is implying a desire for a new wholeness and completeness knowing that only an extract or a newly compressed version is possible.

his techniques include patterns from stereograms, pixelation, kaleidoscopes, geometry and collages. estranged yet with adhesive elements of connection and color. his deja-vu moments of pause often bear rational cold colors.

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