current exhibition until June 24th: NATURE MORTE – the world as meditation space – Stephan Harmanus

with his new paintings, the artist strives on a formal level for “a discourse of historical ideals of still-life painting, which leads to the content of the question itself of the inner (still life) and the outside the exterior (window), how both are put into relation to each other and require front and background . “He sees emotionality in the brushstroke and rationality in the composition of the painting as a stage drama.the curator gunna wendt describes Stephan Harmanus’ previous works of art as “an interplay of lush colors, clear brush strokes, flaming light that creates a mysterious irritation. […] even if works of stephan harmanus seem to have the subject nature as content, the landscape seems to appear like an abstract meditation space – a mosaic or musaicum, which is surrounded by the muses, the guarding goddess of the arts.”

stephan harmanus blumen

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