Eitan Vitkon at the Schöneberger Art 2018

We further present for the Schöneberger Art (November 3rd to 4th), in our atelier, the former Art Space of “Großgörschen Str. 35”, the Schöneberg Artist from Israel; Eitan Vitkon 

He also shows form November 3rd to November 11th in our ateliers Photographs and Video Art from his cycles „Absent“, „Wonder Fool“ und „Sea“ (2011 – 2017).

Vitkon’s photographs and video art are about memory, subject, perception, and above all time.

In his artworks, time could be reversed or stretched, or it simply stands still. Seen through the technologically sharpened or alienated eye, the natural components as well as human experiences appear almost detached from context, thus extracting fragility and vulnerability.

Vitkon’s large-format works captivate due to their high precision and strong aesthetics. None of his pictures undergo any computerized post-processing.

About the artist

Vitkon, born in 1967, grew up in the South of Israel, and completed his architectural studies at the American Pratt Institute in New York. During his studies he was already fascinated by photographic possibilities, and later he made his hobby his profession. He has been working as a photographer for over 15 years, exhibiting in solo and group exhibitions, e.g. on Israeli identity, and has become an internationally sought-after artist.

Together with his wife Lila Chitayat, an installation artist and his three children, Vitkon, whose grandfather Alfred Vitkon emigrated from Germany to Palestine in 1935, came to Berlin about one year ago.

Eitan Vitkon Sea-Ing

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