From 29th of July on until August 26th: Tahian Bhering – Urban Fragments

tahian bhering, ab dem 29. Juli bei maia zinc in Berlin

tahian bhering, a young visual artist from rio de janeiro is inspired by the whirlwind of fragments we find in urban spaces. the visual world of mass media as well as urban symbols, old washed out poster layers and other visuals from daily urban roaming are the theme of bhering’s art works.

he reassembles information found on the streets of rio de janeiro and berlin in a random or apparent disorder or well-defined (geometric) composition.
the chaos around us, fragments, shards, shredded pieces and pieces of broken realities that enter our subconscious, are thrown back on canvas and contained through an act of castration. the artist cuts off in order to find his artistic language, and a sense to his produce.
is his art recycling or a re-composition of the original in which we get only a slice of the sausage?
bhering is implying a desire for a new wholeness and completeness knowing that only an extract or a newly compressed version is possible.

his techniques include patterns from stereograms, pixelation, kaleidoscopes, geometry and collages. estranged yet with adhesive elements of connection and color. his deja-vu moments of pause often bear rational cold colors.

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