Past exhibitions

4. July 2017
Vulnerability – An Exhibition on the occasion of Berlin pride/CSD week – July 19th until July 26th 2017

Jaap De Jonge (1949) Studied Dutch Language and Literature at the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen (Netherlands). Autodidact photographer. Since 2005, active in the field of art photography. Resides and works in Anloo, a small village in the North of the Netherlands. In addition to ‘common’ art photography, Jaap’s photo work mainly consists of pictures of men (Dutch […]

23. June 2017
With the closure of the exhibition of Stephan Harmanus, we cordially invite you to the finissage on June 24th 2017, 6pm

After an interesting ‘artist talk’ with Dr. Dorothea Heim (art historian) and Stephan Harmanus himself, the works of the artist can be seen until saturday. We cordially invite you on this evening to meet the artist again for an open discussion. Finissage On Saturday, 24 June from 6 pm We are looking forward seeing you […]

2. June 2017
From 29th of July on until August 26th: Tahian Bhering – Urban Fragments

tahian bhering, a young visual artist from rio de janeiro is inspired by the whirlwind of fragments we find in urban spaces. the visual world of mass media as well as urban symbols, old washed out poster layers and other visuals from daily urban roaming are the theme of bhering’s art works. he reassembles information […]

1. June 2017
1st of September until 26th of October: Amnon David Ar – „wie lange hält das licht?“

We are looking forward to hosting the artist Amnon David Ar at the mz project room maia zinc. On September 1st we will show the exhibition “how long does the light last”?Working solely from observation, in an almost meditative way, the results engage the viewer in the sensual experience that the painter is so enthusiastic […]

23. May 2017
current exhibition until June 24th: NATURE MORTE – the world as meditation space – Stephan Harmanus

with his new paintings, the artist strives on a formal level for “a discourse of historical ideals of still-life painting, which leads to the content of the question itself of the inner (still life) and the outside the exterior (window), how both are put into relation to each other and require front and background . […]

21. May 2017
Agion Panton – holy glam from 08.04.2017 until 05.05.2017

from 08.04.2017 until 05.05.2017 at 7pm 

we hosted the glamorous shrine boxes of Thodoros Brouskomatis. 
instead of asking uncomfortable questions like art would do, Brouskomatis carries us away into the affirmative world of kitsch.  
for the artist, Thodoros Brouskomatis, kitsch is simply “just another aesthetic style with good and bad representatives. it’s an art without borders, […]

Vernissage for the exhibition: kitsch art – AGION PANTON / holy glam from 08.04. – 05.05.2017

artist + architect thodoros brouskomatis the diorama 3d-agion panton series (94 sets) have attracted many kitsch art friends since the 8th of april. with a magnifying glass in your hand you will find the infinite memorial history of every icon. until may 5th, the showcases can be purchased at a preferential price. we invite you […]

“ochos colorados” – remains of a tango, march 10th 2017 – April 6th 2017

march 2017: ute vehse freelance artist since 1976 from berlin dance and transformation as Zeitgeist are constant companions of human beings according to the artist who is also known for her performance painting with her feet on canvas. her expressionist art works show elements of naturalism. mystic faces appear in between the different colorful materials […]

„ochos colorados” – remains of a tango – opening + dance

the paintings of the artist ute vehse were danced into the exhibition rooms during the opening. the exhibition was open until thursday april 6th 2017.


Dear friends, Thanks for joining our video painting exhibition opening. Feel free to drop by to watch Merits works at any time. We’re open wed-fr 13h-19h and sat 11h-16h. We’re happy to welcome you again soon at mz project room maia zinc! The team photos: kalle kruggel, matthias mundel

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