Past exhibitions

21. May 2017
merit fakler “zwischen zeitlich” 07.01.2017 – 11.02.2017

merit fakler Exhibition – Video Art – ‘zwischen zeitlich’ As a video artist and stage designer, Merit Fakler combines two worlds. In a time, when everything is getting faster, especially in the media field, paradoxically, she creates a refuge for relaxation and reflection through her video art. In her very own rather special visual language, […]

Remembering Tomorrow” until 30.12.2016

wieland jürgens “artistic work is research work. in a constant debate with oneself, its environment (including the sciences) and, of course, art, the artistic research journey goes deeper without hope ever to arrive – because it is not directed towards scientific research… ” about the art works: a young woman “it could be you”  with […]

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