Jaap de Jonge, May 18th – June 30th

Jaap de Jonge is coming back to mz in May 2018.

Man and Appearance » Mannsbilder «

Jaap de Jonge Man and Appearance 2018 bei maia zinc in Berlin

Dear friends,

After our little spring break, we are delighted to present you with photographic portraits by the Dutch photographer Jaap de Jonge:

Man and Appearance – Mannsbilder

May 18th to June 30th 2018


We cordially invite you and your friends to the opening

on Friday, 18 th of May at 8:00 pm.

The artist will be present !

The exhibition

De Jonge’s soft eye catches the appearance of men changing from one generation to another and from role to role. Quirkiness, ascendency, innocence, grotesque, vulnerability, seductive anatomy and sensuality are attributed to those who Jonge succeeds to lure out of their inner world.

Jaap De Jonges style

Inspired by artists like Lucian Freud or Francis Bacon, de Jonge is looking for the imperfection in his subject. A flaw in a gesture or posture that makes for the beauty and grace of a person which shines through the pure crudeness of a human body. Thus we arrive at an identification level that ultimately leads to empathy.

In addition to “kind of general” art photography, Jaap’s photographic work consists mainly of pictures of men (Dutch Male Art). For centuries, men have often been portrayed as strong and powerful figures. This is the traditional image that generally corresponds to a heterosexual society. But there is another side to it: vulnerability. The vulnerable man often provokes emotions that are recognizable but that we really do not want to see in “real” men …

De Jonge’s portraits are often taken in a studio setting but increasingly he uses also urban surroundings. During post production his works sometimes undergo colouring and painting effects.

About Jaap de Jonge – biography

Since 2013, de Jonge exhibits regularly in solo and group exhibitions in Holland and Berlin, among others at the AHA e.V and the Ballary gallery.

Jaap de Jonge born 1949, studied Dutch language and literature at the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen (Netherlands).

Since 2005 he works as photographer in the field of art photography.

Today he lives in Anloo, a small village in the north of the Netherlands.

Jaap De Jonge Biografie

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