» Keep going ! – Amnon David AR

For the Schöneberger Art 2018 in Berlin-Schöneberg, we present » Keep going ! « – Amnon David AR:

November 3rd until November 18th, 2018

Finissage: Sunday, November 18th

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  3. About the artist

The exhibition

For the 10th anniversary of the “Shiff Prize for Realist Art“, the Tel Aviv Museum will honour all past winners in an exhibition. On the occasion of the Schöneberger Art 2018 in Berlin-Schöneberg, we are honoured to present a preview of works of our artist Amnon David Ar

From November 3rd

to November 18th 2018

in the mz project room maia zinc

in Schöneberg
Kyffhäuserstr. 16 | 10781 Berlin

Opening on November 2nd 7:00 pm

Amnon David Ar was the first winner and we are pleased to be able to show a preview of his contributions to this unique exhibition. His subject matters and light accentuation captivate. People, ordinary objects and situations are set up in a way that makes it very difficult to escape their emotions. His extraordinary technical skills and the resulting depth of his works stand in contrast to today’s rhythm. So, they trigger in the viewer emotional as well as intellectual tension. Amnon is a unique voice in today’s painting scene. His works have been presented in solo exhibitions in the Vielliers Gallery in Amsterdam, The Tel Aviv Museum of Arts, the Ramat Gan Museum of Arts, and in Bernard Gallery the Mika Galleries in Tel Aviv and others. He also participated in numerous group exhibitions, for example in Forum Gallery New York, Medici Gallery  London, The Cube Gallery London, Arkansas Art Center, Tel Aviv Museum of Arts, Ramat Gan Museum and the Haifa Museum His works appear in many important collections, such as The Tel Aviv Museum of Art,  Len Balavatnic Collection, Shiff Collection, Druck Collection,  Sabag Collection, Braun Collection, Shabtay Collection, Brandais Collection, Sir Ronald Cohen and others.


Ar paints portraits, still lives and sketches. His extraordinary technical skills and the resulting depth of his works stand in contrast to today’s rhythm. Through the process of his work and through its encryptions, the paintings aim at evoking the viewer’s senses and emotions. His meticulous analysis of light echoes the great masters’ handling of the subject. 

In his new cycle “Keep Going !” the artist reflects on his extended experience of friendship, life, hope, and the changing light while painting during the past few years in Berlin. “I suddenly became aware of the finitude of (secular) life,” Ar says, “and therefore I want to show the life of now and encourage others to participate in my contemplation.”

About the artist

Amnon David Ar was born in in Herzliya, Israel. He studied Anatomy of Art with the painter Oswald Adler, visited the Art Academy Bezalel in Jerusalem. From there he changed to Abraham Bykov to study painting.Later he worked as an illustrator and cartoonist for magazines including publications like Maariv, Yedioth and Davar. In 2008 he designed a special Abba Eban stamp edition for the Israel Post Office.

Since 1998 Ar exhibits in single as well as group exhibitions, for example in the Tel Aviv Museum for Contemporary Art, the Dada Museum in Ein Hod and the Art Museum in Bat Yam, as well as galleries and art fairs in New York, London, Paris and Amsterdam. 

His works appear in the collections of Shiff, Druck, Sabag, Braun, Shabtay, Brandais, Balavatnik and Sir Ronald Cohen. 

Since 2014, Amnon David Ar resides in Berlin Charlottenburg where he paints and teaches techniques of Oil Painting. 

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