Peer Kriesel at the Schöneberger Art 2018

On occasion of the Schöneberger Art that happens on the weekend of November 3rd to 4th, we invite you to our atelier at the former famous art space of “Großgörschen Str. 35” in Kreuzberg where we will present selected works of Peer Kriesel, a young Berlin trend setter in art. Typical for Peer Kriesel’s works are grimaces, swarm pictures and multiple paint-overs.

“As a highlight, the artist presents five painted over New York Metro Tickets, which were designed with “David Bowie“ motives for the „David Bowie Is“ exhibition, which took place this year at the Brooklyn Museum. These are now inspiring the artist Peer Kriesel.

After all, David Bowie had good relations with Schöneberg: Bowie lived there on Hauptstrasse until 1978. From this time originate his albums “Low”, “Heroes” and “Lodger”, also known as “Berlin Trilogy”.

Join us at the raffle
of a Peer Kriesel Artwork
on Sunday, November 4rd, at 2 pm

and win one “BVG-Ticket” painted over by Peer Kriesel

Peer Kreisel BVG Fahrschein

Print of an over-painted BVG-ticket (public transportation) ! Limited edition of 30.
titel: “180615 0223“, 2017

(raffle tickets available from 11/2 – 11/4 until 1pm – in the gallery or at our studio Großgörschen 35.)
Join in!

In addition to the above, his art on fashion items and wall papers are on show as well as his sculptures and design pieces.
The exhibition in our atelier will be extending the Schöneberger Art, and last until November 11th.

About the artist

Peer Kriesel, born 1979, is a born-and-bred Berliner. He worked already in the publishing and media design industry before he studied Design, Typography and Illustration as well as Marketing at Fachhochschule Potsdam.
His Bachelor Thesis with the title “How Art and Design meet” is a study in Marketing of Art.
In 2009 he became the Art Director of the PR agency PEPERONI in Berlin. He advanced further to become Managing Partner of the same company in 2016. He also owns the label Today he works as an independent artist.

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