Peer Kriesel: Solo exhibition „Revealing“

The Berliner artist Peer Kriesel shows his recent works „Autokorrektur“ and Korrosion I + II and older works of the years 2014 – 2017 between in his upcoming exhibition from

9.3.2018 to 6.4.2018
in the mz project room maia zinc in Schöneberg.

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Solo exhibition

“…gar köstlich ist er aufgeputzt. / Doch fratzenhaft, dass jeder stutzt.” (Faust II, J.W.Goethe)

Paintings and drawings by Peer Kriesel

Friday, March 9th to

Friday, April 6th 2018

In his upcoming solo-exhibition, artist Peer Kriesel shows a selection of his latest grotesque paintings and drawings featuring a collection of Halloween like figures and grimaces that he meets in urban surroundings.

Works of Peer Kriesel

Kriesel depicts hurry-scurry scenes in the metropolis: faces, bodies and gestures that his mind collects during daily forays of the city and that later run out of his pen, brush and taint.

Grimaces with painful and lustful expressions, gaping mouths, grinning or furious miens; swarms of creatures and emotions are populating weird situations. Peer Kriesel gives us an insight into his world of illusionary and disillusioned figures, into which he often places himself in illustration.

The herds of cartoon-like beings, animals, phantasy creatures and helpers in their repetitive forms, expressions and gestures reminds of the ornamentation of cathedrals and roof-gables of Renaissance and Baroque buildings.

Artistically and neatly, the artist creates a mixture of seemingly known reincarnations and very contemporary elements, evoking images of the past and fusing them with the contemporary metropolitan “Zeitgeist”.

Consciously shown or intentionally hidden, his beings are teeming through daily life of hustle, stress and everyday contradictions. Loneliness, anxiety, decay are often their companions. Marginal experiences and their reaction in the secret corner of the human soul are reflected in their faces and attitudes.


Kriesel reveals manifestations of the unconscious and sweeps them into his drawings, which in turn face the conscious viewer. What he offers as entertaining “Wimmel-Paintings” is at second glance often a sarcastic portrait of society, reminiscent of works by George Grosz.

Kriesel’s visual fantasies are pervasive, of a dark age, and at the same time moralizing. The great masters Brueghel or Hieronymus Bosch come to mind.

The educated design-artist works with acrylic and water colors on canvas and paper. He also utilizes expired underground tickets, old invitations to exhibitions and the like as urban medium for his artworks.

Lately, he also discovered the fashion industry as bottom material to art. In a creative cooperation spree with New York designer Julianna Bass, he presented a collection of his prints at the New York Fashion Week in autumn 2017. 

[Text by Ulrike Goldenblatt]

Biography of Peer Kriesel

Peer Kriesel is a true Berliner and was born in 1979 in Berlin. He studied computer science and business administration and worked alongside as as an intern in an advertising agency. Prior to his academic education, he completed a vocational training as a graphic designer at the Di Stefano agency in Berlin. Subsequently, he studied at the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam with a focus on design, typhography and illustration as well as marketing. The final thesis of his bachelor’s degree was “How art meets design” – a study on the marketing of art. In 2009 he became art director of PR agency PEPERONI in Potsdam. Promoted as Art Director to the managing partner of the company PEPERONI until 2016. He created the label as a presentation designer in 2008: Berlin and worked as a communication designer.

To these days, Peer Kriesel works as a freelance artist and designer and participates isteadily in current events and art fairs:

Exhibitons by Peer Kriesel

I.e. Berlin list “Berliner Liste” from 2014 – 2017 as well as at The Fashion Week in New York 2017. He is already looking forward being present this year in Cologne at the “Art Cologne 2018” meaningful art trade fair in Germany.

Solo exhibitions in the Okazy Gallery in Berlin and in Hamburg Greskewitz | Kleinitz Galerie Hamburg as well as the OpenAir Gallery Berlin and other exhibiting places in the Berliner art scene are always pleased to include Peer Kriesel and his famous “Fratzen” in their portfolios.

In April 2018 he will be please to show his artworks to the public at the Art Cologne.

Kölner Liste, April in Köln
MZ Projectroom, März in Berlin

Greskewitz | Kleinitz | Galerie, Hamburg Nov./Dec. 2017
Berliner Liste 2017,
Postbahnhof / September 2017
Okazi Gallery, Berlin
Open Air Gallery, Berlin
Asia Art Contemporary, Hongkong

Affordable Art Fair, Hamburg
Galerie am Amalienpark, Berlin
Haute Presents Gallery, Berlin
Open Air Gallery, Berlin

We Art Berlin / POP-UP Gruppenausstellung, Galerie Blond & Blond, Berlin-Mitte
Berliner Liste 2015, TRAFO/Kraftwerk
Galerie Pillango, Berlin-Tiergarten
Temporary Gallery-Berlin, Berlin-Charlottenburg

Temporary Gallery-Berlin, Berlin-Charlottenburg
Berliner Liste 2014, Postbahnhof
Galerie Pillango, Berlin-Tiergarten

Galerie Pillango, Berlin-Tiergarten
Galerie am Jägertor, Potsdam

Temporary Gallery-Berlin, Berlin-Charlottenburg
Galerie Pillango, Berlin-Tiergarten

Galerie Pillango, Berlin-Tiergarten
Galería Maxó, Barcelona, Spanien

Since 1999
Various single / group exhibitions in Berlin
Yearly single exhibition at Pillango gallery

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