Peter Schlangenbader: »The stars look very different today…« welcome to the Wunder-Tüten Boulevard ! from November 24, 2018 – January 12, 2019

On Saturday, January 12th, 2019 at 7 pm, we will close the exhibition ‘The stars look very different today’ with the Friedenau artist Peter Schlangenbader.

On this occasion the “Schöneberger Salon” will be hosted in our showrooms where the art historian Ariane Mhamood will moderate an artist-talk with Peter Schlangenbader.

The exhibition is a very special art project – Peter Schlangenbader has created a 17 by 3 meter, turbulent canvas cosmos in a live painting action he started on November 24th.

The exhibition and this huge painting project can still be seen until Jan 12th during the gallery opening hours.

with Peter Schlangenbader and the up-coming young jazz musician Tal Arditi as special guest (

The Berlin-based painter Peter Schlangenbader presents some of his art-works in Schöneberg with a new solo exhibition and a special project “3 weeks of live-painting on site in the gallery”. He started his first pencil brush on the occasion of the opening, Saturday, 24th of November 2018.

Starting with it at the opening and during the exhibition, Schlangenbader will fill a 17 x 3 m action image canvas according to his intuition and cosmic inspirations. For this inauguration we cordially invite you for the first strikes of his oil color brushes while Tal Arditi an up-coming jazz guitarist will strip the strings to creation of his future stars.

This newly created pictorial cosmos will then be solemnly unveiled in a separate 2nd opening on 15th of December in our project space.

Schlangenbader is not a newcomer to the Berlin art scene. The professional porcelain painter and expressionist has been represented in galleries at home and abroad for more than 40 years with his oil paintings. Among other things, he became known in Berlin through his manifests, music and poems accompanying his art works.

Both conceptions will be merged at the 1st opening on 24th November at 7pm in the rooms of the mz project room maia zinc.

We welcome you to the Schlangenbader Wundertüten Boulevard!

curated by Joax Goldenage

Laudatio : Dr. Ariane Mhamood / art-historian

About the artist

Peter Schlangenbader – born 1953 in Berlin; lives and works in Berlin /// 2013 Founder of the artist group BRUT INTERSTELLAR /// 2011 Co-founder of the artists’ conglomerate “Trockenübung” /// 2010 Gründer u. Curator of the AKTionale, The Naked Being /// 2006 Award Winner \ “VBK Art Award – Benninghaus Prize 2006 /// 2004 Foundation of the artist group” The 5th Corner “/// 2003 Foundation of the artist group” Schwarzmalerei “/// 2002 Member of the Verein Berliner Artist (VBK) /// 1995 Drummer and singer of the experimental group “Schlachtvieh” /// 1992 Foundation of the rock band “Eisenstein” with Heinz Brandenburg and Lothar Maertins /// 1991 Music project “Dr. Note “with Uwe Temme /// 1990 member of the calendar group” 12 months 12 originals “/// 1976-82 studies at the HdK Berlin, master student of Prof. Engelman /// 1972-75 vocational training in the KPM porcelain painter. (


Nov 24 – 7pm/ Sat – 1st Opening

Dec 15 – 7pm/ Sat – Midisage / Unveiling

Jan 12 – 7pm/Sat – Finissage/Closing

schlangenbader maia zinc project room

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