Stephanie Nückel: August 25th to October 11th 2018

  • Stephanie Nückel at mz project room.

    » WONDER WOMEN – The goddesses are back «

    Acryl on Canvas by Stephanie Nückel:

    August 25th until October 11th 2018  

    „…Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.“ Ralph Waldo Emmerson

    Stephanie Nückel, a Kreuzberger Artist, presents her latest works
    From August 25th to  September 30th in our showrooms.
    Opening : Saturday, August 25th  7pm

    Paintings from her cycles “Circen“ (Cyrenes) (2016) and “Göttinen“ (Goddesses) (2018). Across cultural and religious borders, her Goddesses (Göttinen) embody principles of life like freedom, originality and self empowerment.

    Her cyrenes (Circen) present and illustrate her critical perspective onto todays image of women as seductress, as used in publicity. So, they have a familiar ring, as Stephanie Nückel uses photographic elements in a very designated manner.

    The Artist wants to irritate and touch, trigger emotions as well as involve the viewer into a conversation, promote debate. What about? In the current exhibition the question is if we haven’t forgotten long ago, what the power and magic of the female is. What does it consist of, which aspects of femininity do we deny and cover. Nückel ties in with the current discourse of femininity, yet trusts her own subtlety and analyses where the archaic femininity has gone.
    Why is the story of Lilith, the first woman in paradise so often not spoken of? In Stephanie Nückel’s presentation she is charming, but at the same time unapproachable, her smile intensifies her beauty, yet it appears sinister with a trace of a snarl. Behind her an untamed panther …

    Take this opportunity to become engaged in an ancient theme which every society interprets in its own way. The artist Stephanie Nückel transfers it in a very special manner.

    Stephanie Nückel, born 1960, exhibits regularly in Berlin since the late 1990s and participates amongst others in art miles and art events in Charlottenburg and Friedrichshain.
    The Artist is constantly learning, she studied at the „Europäische Kunstakademie“ in Trier, has experimented a lot and finally came to Acrylic, Pastel and Charcoal. Since 2004/2005 she intensively looks into photography.

    She lives and works in Berlin-Kreuzberg.

    The exhibition opens on Saturday, August 25th at 7pm.

    Text: Angela Kuboth and Martina Zinkwe


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