» Transducer « by Efraín Mojica

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we present this Friday, October 19th, at 8 pm
Efraín Mojica

» Transducer «

immersive light and sound installation


In his show, Efraín explores the relation between the internal vibrations of bodies and their connection to viewer and context. It is composed of iterations of continuing light and sound effects. In the process he utilizes sculptures and glass objects which react to the presence of the viewer. The result are melodies of light and sound which fill and surround the space between us.

efrain mojito transducer

After his degree, he moved to Seattle, where he discovered the local Underground scene of experimental music. He became an integral part of this scene as artist, he created light shows for other artists on stage and produced music videos and covers for labels like “Hardly Art” und “Sub Pop”, the label of the infamous Grunge Band “Nirvana”.

During his time in Seattle, Efraín began to explore sound by utilizing contact microphones in forests. He was amplifying the inner vibrations of trees and transformed their interaction with the wind into sound and colored light.

In 2016, Efraín was selected for a residency in the renowned sound institute “CMMAS” (Mexican Centre for Music and Sonic Arts). There, he created a 8,1-Channel Sound Installation, which created a sculptural sound landscape in which life and rhythm of the city played a central role. The installation was based on amplified vibrations of a quarry which is part of the historic town.

Efraín has been living in Europe for more than one year. He has presented his works in Barcelona,Brügge, Florence and Berlin, where he currently lives.


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