Vulnerability – An Exhibition on the occasion of Berlin pride/CSD week – July 19th until July 26th 2017

Jaap de Jonge vulnerability Exhibition Maia zinc Berlin July 2017

Jaap De Jonge (1949)

Studied Dutch Language and Literature at the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen (Netherlands). Autodidact photographer. Since 2005, active in the field of art photography. Resides and works in Anloo, a small village in the North of the Netherlands.

In addition to ‘common’ art photography, Jaap’s photo work mainly consists of pictures of men (Dutch Male Art). For centuries, men have often been portrayed as strong and powerful figures. This is the traditional image that generally is in keeping with a heterosexual society. But there is another side: vulnerability. The vulnerable male often provokes emotions that are recognizable, but which we don’t really want to see in ‘real’ men.

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